Rising Steel Prices – The Long Story, Short

It’s no secret that construction costs are on the rise, with the upswing in the economy, an increase in the number of building projects, and an ever increasing global market, there is a direct correlation between the above mentioned factors and supply vs. demand. Globally, there has been a decrease in the availability of raw materials due to not only demand, but also the decreased output capabilities of some major suppliers, click the link below for an interesting read for more on this topic.

How does all this affect your building project?

  • In the past price increases were most often forecast with ample time for owners to make smart decisions in advance on when and how to move forward with their projects, as of lately the volatile market has experienced literally overnight price increases that makes it critical for decision makers to anticipate this as the new normal and be ready to act in order to maximize savings. A 10% increase in raw steel prices on a $1,000,000.00 project is and additional $100,000.00 immediate cost. As your steel building supplier, we do everything in our power to asses the markets and communicate closely with our factories to stay ahead of the pricing curve, and we always work with our clients to minimize the risk to your bottom line with timely information.
  • The size and design of your project is obviously another key factor affected by price increases. A project that initially uses 150 tons of steel may be a candidate for redesign with critical thinking that allows for a reduction in overall steel while maintaining the desired footprint. Everyone of our buildings goes through rigorous design process that allows for maximum efficiency that translates into cost savings for our clients.
  • Price increases on steel can have a dramatic effect on funding, especially for pending projects about to begin. Most lending institutions insist on the upfront costs to be known, and it is often a process to renegotiate with the banks when additional costs are incurred, even more reason to make sure your project is in production sooner than later after funding is secured and deposits are secured.
  • One more aspect of steel price increases is components. Prices for items such as doors, window frames, hardware are all affected by steel price increase. Yet another reason to secure your materials as soon as possible.

Price increases are the “new normal” in today’s economic times, at least for the foreseeable future. With that said, building with steel is, and will always be the best choice for commercial construction in both time and money. With proper planning and understanding the markets, along with a knowledgeable supplier, your project(s) will still be highly affordable and successful. We work hard for our clients to achieve success in every project we are a part of, call us today, and let’s get building!

When Weather Strikes!

We all personally could probably pick our favorite season if we had to, I know I could! Every region and state have their own yearly weather patterns. From seasons changing to complete 180’s in weather day today. The weather plays a huge factor in the Metal Buildings Industry and can be diametrical to timelines being meant. Customers should always take a few key questions into consideration when buying a building;

  1. What time of year do I want to build?
  2. Is this time of year practical with the climate?
  3. Will the weather prove to be problematic?

Too Hot to Handle

You may want to build in the summertime thinking ‘oh the weather is great that time of year’. Yes, the weather may be wonderful but that may not be the case when working with steel. On a beautiful Sunny and 85-degree day, our erectors literally feel the heat and especially if the humidity is high. With the steel being exposed to direct sunlight the energy from the sun is absorbed quicker. This is when delays happen in a project and these ‘Acts of God’ are out of our control, obviously. As much as we would love to control the weather, we can’t. The heat alone can delay a project by days just because performance level goes down because keep in mind when people are in the heat for a long period of time they too can get overheated just like the steel. This is not saying don’t build in your summertime. This is simply saying your timeframe might expand a little because of the temperature.

Too Cold for Comfort

Heat isn’t the only weather we worry about. Cold/freezing temperatures can also take a toll on a project. The cold could make the ground unworkable if it freezes over. If the snow starts flying and/or wind chills are at dangerous temperatures that becomes a safety hazard for our crews. With snow and wind, you are always at a higher risk of ice forming and that gets extremely dangerous for our crews when they are working on any part of your building. These weather elements could cause us to demobilize and have to return when the weather is workable and we have no safety concerns about the weather. Because at the end of the day our number one goal is the safety of our crews.

Weathering the Storm

Yes, heat and the winter conditions can put a damper on a site but a huge element that affects our industry is rain. This is because every region most likely experiences it at some point in the year. Rain can have a huge impact on timelines due to the simple fact that rain can accumulate very fast and turn a nice firm job site into a mud boggers dream. Job sites that get rain can easily be delayed days depending on how much fell. When the ground becomes soft it affects our machinery from maneuvering around a site. Mind you we do everything in our power that we can do without the equipment but it can get to the point where a work stand still happens. Trying to go on without equipment after doing what you can is like asking a football player to play without a football…you can’t do your job without the correct tools.

Yes, I know that you will get excited when planning out your project. Who wouldn’t? But with everything said above just make sure you make your dream realistic as in the timeframe you want it. Take the time to wait for your area’s “building season”, this alone can make your building go up more smoothly and mitigate delays.

3 Insider Tips To Improve Steel Building Efficiency


The dictionary defines efficiency as “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.”

So how does the definition translate into the world of Solid Steel Buildings?

At Solid Steel, we believe in three core principles when it comes to achieving maximum efficiency.


#1. Deploy Standards-Based Solutions

Our solution-driven process begins from the moment we share our first conversation.

Our checklists provide a comprehensive overview of your project, starting with why you need a building in the first place all the way down to the basics of design in order to maximize your budget and ensure we are following your visions while providing you with solutions that make sense.

We are methodical in our approach, allowing us to leave no stone unturned for a complete picture of your needs as well as your concerns.


#2. Critical Path Scheduling

Obviously, the cart doesn’t come before the horse.

From the first draft drawings through stamped engineering, fabrication, delivery and erection, our teams carefully map out every phase of the building process to ensure every detail is accounted for, avoiding surprises and potential pitfalls.

Our Building Solutions Managers work closely with our clients to develop timelines and production schedules that make sense for your project.


#3. An Integrated Process for Streamlined Manufacturing

From the home office to the factory floor and beyond, Solid Steel Buildings maintains a high level of communication with personnel involved in the creation of your building.

Project specific meetings on a recurring basis between the fabrication teams, estimating department, project management, construction teams and senior management assures that your building moves smoothly from one phase to the next.

And we take special care to minimize labor costs, wasted materials and provide more accurate forecasting at each step of our process.

At the end of the day, it is vitally important to weigh out every variable when starting your steel building project. At Solid Steel, our experience has taught us to methodically concentrate on key portions of the project at just the right time.

We feel this is efficiency at its best, allowing us to be a Building Solutions Provider capable of providing service that is second to none. Give us a call to discuss your next project. We look forward to working with you.


The Surprising Value of Building With Solid Steel

In our last blog, we wrote about the flexibility of steel structures. This week we will focus on the value, as in lower costs than conventional construction methods, time frames, and overall costs, as well as how Solid Steel works to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget.

Why Pay More When You Could Pay Less?

Would you pay $60 per square foot for the exact same footprint and functionality when you could pay 30 or even 40-percent less?

Of course you wouldn’t!

Today’s steel structures, just by the very nature of being pre-engineered, are increasingly becoming preferred by both contractors and end users alike!

A typical 100’ x 100’ x 20’ structure constructed of steel is usually between $18 – $30 per square foot, depending on exact materials and finishes. And this includes the erection and concrete costs!

Compare those numbers with other methods of construction, and it becomes crystal clear why steel is the obvious choice for cost-savvy construction experts!

Streamline Efficiency with Value Engineering

Cost aside, another bonus of building with steel is the opportunity to optimize design, allowing for maximum cost effectiveness achieved through value engineering.

Your building is detailed long before manufacturing starts, allowing for the most efficient design, translating into the lowest price per pound based on current raw steel pricing.

At Solid Steel, we believe in zero waste. We proactively look for any opportunity to maximize each dollar of your investment, resulting in a well thought out, smoothly executed construction schedule that also lowers labor costs.

Added-Value with the Solid Steel Patented Helical Pier System

At Solid Steel, we also think hard about the foundation design as this often the most costly portion of the project, and we always try to look for ways to use the soil conditions to your advantage.

One way we achieve this is by using our patented Helical Pier System, specifically designed for steel structures!

Your Solid Steel Building Solutions Manager can discuss this system with you to determine if it is a good fit for your project. Often, we can save our clients up to half of the costs of typical foundation / slab systems if applicable in your area.

Putting State-of-the-Art Software to Work for You

We don’t let workflow interrupt our process. We utilize state-of-the-art construction software that helps you track and manage every aspect of your project from quote to occupancy.

This valuable piece of our toolkit helps us keep track of even the smallest financial and budgetary items. We provide daily reports showing how the project is progressing, and proactively spot issues before they happen.

Now you can see how valuable utilizing Solid Steel can be when moving forward with your new project.

Give us a call today and let’s start building!

The Flexibility of Steel Will Blow Your Mind!

Welcome back to our blog!  This week’s topic will focus on the “flexibility” of steel structures.

Although steel does physically “flex” – as it’s designed to do just like any other form of construction, the flexibility we are talking about is the kind that maximizes investment, speeds up the process from concept to occupancy, and gives an owner the ability to evolve their building with changes in the needs of their business.

A Lot More than a Metal Box

Until about the last ten years or so, your typical “steel building” meant a metal box that stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the blossoming landscape of other types of construction.

While maybe this was true decades ago, technology and the increasingly exacting demands of the end user have taken steel structures leaps and bounds forward in many aspects, both in the construction methods and materials utilized, making today’s steel structures far superior than their distant cousins of back in the day.

Real Examples of Steel Being Not So Unsightly

What do we mean by flexibility?

While it would take us hours to go into every example, check out this latest case from right here at Solid Steel Buildings.

Our team is about to start construction on a two-story, retail and commercial space in Tampa, Florida.

The owners came to us looking for a pleasing building that satisfied the demands of the local gentrification in the up and coming area surrounding downtown Tampa, as well as having a signature structure inside and out that matches the look and feel of the premium products they sell to demanding homeowners as well as commercial clients.

Initially, the designers were under the assumption that constructing with steel meant unsightly interior columns and steel beams that were not the look they wanted. However after a few short meetings they quickly learned how we could transform their dream into reality.

We worked closely with a team of interior designers and engineers to create the aesthetics desired both inside and out, and we were able to adjust the engineering of the structure down to the smallest detail to accommodate the design team at every request, utilizing architectural exterior panels, interior ceiling liners, non-standard column tapering, and a mezzanine system designed to meet their needs.

In the end, this project will prove to be a showpiece, all the while adhering to local building codes as well as the demanding environmental concerns of the south Florida environment, and probably one of the most important aspects, brought in at a cost of about 30% below conventional construction methods.

When it comes to Solid Steel, the Sky’s the Limit!

As you can see from the example above, a custom steel structure can be engineered to exacting standards of owners, as well as the demands of local municipalities, no matter if it’s a retail space, industrial warehouse, or essential facility.

At Solid Steel We’re all about solutions. While we can and still do provide many, many types of buildings from basic back to complex, the “flexibility factor” is only limited by ones wants and needs. Offering our customers choices is a key ingredient to our own thriving success.

Building owners come to us with a dream, an idea, or a requirement to upgrade—and we offer a menu of options to meet every preference, scope and budget. Solid Steel is flexible and agile, just like the choices we offer.