Leadership Team

As solid as our name.

Solid Steel is home to some of the most expert building professionals you will find anywhere.

We love what we do and we love the people we work with. We’re a close-knit group who have been collaborating for years, bringing consistency and efficiency to every project. But there’s more to each of us than that – we also have lives outside the office and away from the job site. Find out more about our leadership below.

Michael A. Masula

As C.E.O. at Solid Steel, Michael works hard to make certain that SSB over-delivers on customer expectations. His multiple responsibilities include managing Sales and Construction, as well as overseeing building projects and scheduling timelines. Additionally, Michael has a knack for implementing technologies that drive the back office at SSB, and he serves as the resident Building Design Guru.

Michael has over 20 years experience in IT and the Construction/Metal Building industry. He began his career in technology at a very young age and became a successful Sales Engineer during a time when the market began to change every day. Taking his skillset to the Steel Building industry, he saw that there were gaps in both products and services being offered by other companies. Michael set out to change that, and at Solid Steel Buildings, he prides himself on providing solutions, quickly responding to any project issues that may arise and getting things done for his customers (the right way).

In addition to being a go-getter, Michael is a true family man. Outside the office Michael enjoys spending time with his daughter, golfing, as well as grilling, and smoking food on his Big Green Egg.


Edgardo Schmitz


Edgardo is C.O.O. of Solid Steel Buildings. He works hard to keep order in the office and to make sure all projects work seamlessly and according to plan. He has multiple responsibilities including Value Engineering, managing building projects and keeping C.E.O. Michael on his toes. He ensures that the SSB team is ready to go on time, and stays on schedule. Edgardo also speaks 3 different languages including English, Spanish, and German.

Edgardo has over 20 years of experience in the Construction/Metal Building Industry. He began his career at the University of Chile in ‘88 and graduated with a Masters in Structural Engineering and Business Administration. He began in the industry in 1998 in Chile before moving to the US in 2005. Edgardo moved to Pittsburgh in 2007 to begin working for Solid Steel Buildings, Inc. With his passion for design and the metal building industry, Edgardo is a perfect fit as SSB.

In his free time, Edgardo enjoys spending time with his wife and their 3 kids, skiing, flying drones, and working with computers and technology.

Email: ed@solidsteelbuildings.com

Heidi Kitta


Heidi is essential in keeping projects on track with her “air traffic control” like role as the Operations and Project Support Manager. Every project depends on her ability to efficiently gather information, manage orders, and schedule all projects in a timeline focused around each individual customer along with making sure each project stays on budget.

Heidi has been with the company for over 3 years and has brought many skills along with her. Her organizational and multitasking skills help her to keep projects on track and get our crews what they need, when they need it. The drive to always have a happy customer has made her a well-rounded asset.

Heidi is newly engaged and is excited for her future with her fiancé. Knowing that all her hard work and devotion to her job is a Solid Foundation for what is next to come. She enjoys sports, traveling and being a dog mom. Never taking one day for granted and living her best life.

In her free time, Heidi enjoys being outside with her 2 Australian Shepherds, watching sports, wedding planning and spending quality time with her many nieces and nephews making everlasting memories.

Email: heidi@solidsteelbuildings.com

Maria Anthos

Maria excels as the Senior Operations Coordinator and Project Support Manager. Every project is impacted by her coordination and oversight as she works to help our crews get what they need, when they need it.

Maria brings over fifteen years of experience in field personnel management as well as in-house day-to-day operations for a large multi-national corporation. Thriving in high pressure situations has made her a well-rounded multi-tasker, capable of exceeding expectations. With a B.A. in Travel & Hospitality, Maria understands the need to clearly communicate so that customers, vendors and staff remain informed.

Maria is a dedicated mother and wife, believing the success of her position and the success of the company is a great tool for teaching her daughter the importance of a strong work ethic and solid morals. She enjoys traveling, making new, diverse friends and finding adventures and opportunities along the way.

In her free time Maria enjoys working on her new house, boating, quality time with her daughter and husband and experiencing life in a positive way, making each day better than the last.

Email: maria@solidsteelbuildings.com

Nacim Krim


Nacim is a true champion of exceeding customer expectations. He focuses on each and every clients’ needs, looking for the smallest details so that he can avoid hurdles that might arise during any project. He has many responsibilities at Solid Steel Buildings including Project Manager, Designer and Drafter. He excels in the industry with his superb customer service, motivation, and detail oriented organizational skills.  Nacim is also fluent in 4 different languages including French, Berber, Arabic and English.

Nacim started his career at UMMTO school of Architecture in Algeria. He has his Bachelor’s degree and over 20 years of experience working with AutoCAD. He became a licensed Architect in 2005 in Algeria.  He moved to the US in 2006 and began working for Solid Steel Buildings. With more than 13 years of experience in the Metal Building Industry and a team-player attitude, he is very dedicated and committed to our projects at SSB, making him the ideal employee.

In his spare time, Nacim likes to work on cars, appreciating a “good engine”. He also loves basketball, playing guitar, and talking about politics.

Email: nacim@solidsteelbuildings.com

Eddie Berry


Eddie works hard to make sure that the highest on-site standards are met. As the Field Services Coordinator and Project Manager, a vast majority of his time is spent in the field on job sites during the actual building phase of our projects. With his upbeat energy and dedication to his work, Eddie is a valuable asset to the SSB team.

Eddie started his career at Wright State University. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology in ’85 and went on to also receive his MBA in Business from DeVry University in ‘93. After schooling, Eddie started working as a field service coordinator for General Electric Healthcare. After 14 years with GE, he decided to join the construction industry to develop near million-dollar homes. This began his work in Metal Building and Contracting. Since 2014, Eddie has been working for Solid Steel Buildings as a Field Services Coordinator, General Contractor, Project Manager, and Drone Pilot. With his years of expertise in the construction industry and his upbeat/helpful attitude, Eddie is the perfect guy for your next Steel Building Project.

In his free time, Eddie enjoys skiing, golfing, and rollerblading. He is also a huge dog person and he loves his crazy dog Monte.

Email: eddie@solidsteelbuildings.com

Richard Kliment


Richard is a true champion of exceeding customer expectations as the Senior Building Solutions Manager and Mobile Office Manager. He brings a positive attitude to his work and he loves what he does every day. Richard spends most of his time on the road, traveling to our clients and making sure the projects are running smoothly and that the client’s needs are met. He has always strived to make contributions in his work that will count towards the growth of the company and the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Richard began his career in 1965. He joined the construction business in Florida and began working with property developments. With over 10 years under his belt at Solid Steel Buildings, Richard is one of the original employees of our company. He has gained extremely important experience in his 50+ years in the construction industry. Richard loves working on building and development and truly enjoys his job. This makes him the perfect Building Solutions Manager for SSB and our unique clientele.

In his spare time Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and great-grandchildren. He also enjoys relaxing and “kicking-back” at a good fire to have a drink and tell his many interesting stories.

Email: richard@solidsteelbuildings.com

Troy Zelenka

Info about Troy here

Email: troy@solidsteelbuildings.com