Our Process

A solid experience from start to finish.

We didn’t come up with our process overnight – it’s been
decades in the making.

We have developed a comprehensive process which takes every aspect of a project into account. As we’ve built our expertise, we’ve developed and refined this method, and it provides the best results in the industry. Our approach is built on a few basic principles – Open communication, clear expectations, specific goals, honesty, and trust. We love our customers so we don’t just build steel structures, we build relationships.


Phase 1 - Design & Order The Building

Customer Needs Analysis

Our whole process starts with listening. We ask questions to fully understand you and what you want. This is a crucial step in starting each project correctly. Some people know exactly what they want from the start, but more often we find it takes a little time to figure out your exact needs.

We also educate our customers during this time. We share lots of things we’ve learned, so that you have all the information you need, and can make good, informed choices moving forward.

Conceptualization of Building

Seeing is believing, right? This is a fun part of the project, as we start to create 3D drawings & renderings, imagining what the building might look like, and how it will function for the customer’s needs. This step is a process itself, as we create a series of mockups to consider, making sure you get what you are looking for.

Final Design and Quote

Once you like the general design of the building, we can create the final designs and quote the project. We prepare new drawings to reflect any changes that need to be made from the concepts, and detail all of the elements involved.

With the final design complete we know exactly what we will be building, and that means we can finally quote the whole project. Some customers want pricing earlier, but without going through the process to this point, we can only estimate costs.


Once we’ve agreed on all the final designs, the pricing is reviewed, and the customer is ready to continue, it’s time to sign the contract. Our agreements spell out the details of what will happen from this point on, provide a breakdown of payments for each aspect of the project, and establish completion timelines.

Phase 2 - Plans and Action

Drawings, Plans, and Checklists

In this phase of the project we finalize plans, and place orders. We complete our pre-factory checklist to verify order accuracy. We also submit for and produce state certified stamped permit drawings, anchor bolt drawings and architecture drawings (if purchased). Additionally, we create the plan for the engineered foundation. We also, place orders with our factories and schedule the delivery to the site.

Phase 2 Includes:

  • Pre-Factory Checklist
  • Anchor Bolt Drawings
  • Structural Engineered Permit Drawings (State Certified)
  • Engineered Foundation Plans
  • Schedule Steel Delivery
  • Schedule Accessory Delivery
  • Schedule Erection
  • Pre-Erection Building  Review

Phase 3 - Getting the Building to You

Crew and Materials Arrive

Now that we have dates scheduled, we know when construction will begin. When it is time, the crew and all the machinery will arrive at the site, followed by the steel frame. We typically get the foundation poured and ready before the steel is delivered to maximize efficiency.

Once the deliveries are reviewed and we verify that everything is correct and in order, the crew can start work.

Phase 3 Includes:

  • Foundation Laid
  • Crew Arrives
  • Machinery Arrives
  • Steel and Building Components Arrive
  • Final Delivery Review and Verification
  • Construction Ready to Begin

Phase 4 - Putting the Building Up


This is the part you’ve been waiting for! Your building starts to become a reality as columns are set and girts, rafters, and purlins are all installed. Then, as the building starts to take shape, framed openings constructed, the building is squared with wind bracing, insulation & wall sheeting are hung, roof panels are set and last but not least, the gutters and downs are installed.

Post Construction Building Checklist

Once we have completed the erection of your building we still aren’t quite finished. Our crew does a site clean-up so that you are not left with an unwanted mess! Lastly, our site manager does a final walkthrough with our customer to make sure that everything is completed to their full satisfaction.

Interior Construction Build Out

Some customers also have us help them complete the interior of their building. If this is a service that you are interested in, we can work out the details while your building is being manufactured and erected so that you have a seamless transition from building erection to interior build out.