Case Studies

Years of success. Cases in point.

In our years of experience, we’ve had many successes. Here you’ll find just a few examples of our creative solutions, clever engineering, and devoted drive to exceed expectations, all to make our clients as happy as possible.

Horseback Riding Arena

Roswell, GA

A customer in Georgia was looking for a riding arena with a very specific look and functionality. Solid Steel Buildings was chosen from several other companies that bid on the project, because the customer felt we were the only ones who understood their vision. Confident that we could design exactly what they wanted, we got to work.

The project had a series of unavoidable hurdles, not the least of which was a late freeze that significantly delayed progress. Solid Steel stepped up, accelerating our timeline, and in the end we finished two days earlier than we originally planned. The contractor said that in his 44 year career he’d never found a building company with such professionalism, knowledge or ability to meet deadlines.

The customer was happy, getting the building they wanted, and the contractor was happy because we kept him on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality.

Canary Horse Farm - Riding Arena 4 Canary Horse Farm - Riding Arena 3Canary Horse Farm - Riding Arena Canary Horse Farm - Riding Arena 2

Industrial Factory Additions

Western PA
26x35x22 Lean-to Addition
24x60x17 New Truck Wash Building

The oil and gas boom of the last several years has been economically beneficial for the the area around Western Pennsylvania. Many companies have moved here or grown their operation, often finding themselves in sudden need of additional space.

That was the case with one company that manufactures drilling products. They needed to expand their factory to accommodate and clean trucks coming back from drilling sites, but there were complications: The additions had very specific requirements for bearing snow drift loads. Ordinarily this isn’t difficult, but trucks needed to drive through these additions, so we couldn’t have columns in the middle of the span for added support.

Solid Steel was not only able to come up with a creative and strong solution, but we did it on the customer’s original timeline, and were able to work with the contractor to make sure everything kept moving at all times without disruption.

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CrossFit RITE – Pittsburgh, PA
19x78x15 New Building
Re-sheet Existing Building

With the growing popularity of crossfit exercise programs, a local gym specializing in the fitness method found itself rapidly outgrowing its space. They needed to expand their current building, and do so quickly.

One of the big challenges was matching the new building to the old. The customer chose the seamless look of resheeting the old building as we constructed the new addition. Looking at the final product, you’d never know that the building was ever expanded.

The other challenge was limiting the impact of construction on the business of the gym. Luckily, Solid Steel Buildings is full of creative professionals. We didn’t just limit our impact on their daily operations, but went so far as to ensure the gym was able to operate completely as normal for the entirety of our project. There was never interruption in their class schedule at al

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